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My name is Samantha Tijerina, currently a Senior at Texas Woman’s University. My family means the world to me, I am obsessed with sports, and I enjoy reading dystopian novels. The past two years I have been a Peer Advisor for Living Learning Communities in the Residence Halls at TWU. Not only am I a student but I am a future educator. All my life I have dreamed of becoming a teacher/educator. As a little girl, my mother would always walk into my room and see my dolls and teddy bears lined up as if in a classroom, with me attempting to teach my dolls and teddy bears the ABC’s and 1,2,3’s. While possibly every child goes through this phase, my mother has always known it wasn’t a phase. Growing up in McAllen, Texas (500+ miles South of Denton), I was touched by amazing teachers. Specifically, my eighth grade English teacher who inspired me to enjoy reading as well as to truly become an educator. McAllenISD takes pride in their schools and education. Their ways of showing their students are their priority inspired me because I always felt part of a team while attending a McAllenISD school. It is because of my joy of learning, children and McAllenISD that I truly knew I wanted to become an educator.

Throughout my time as a Peer Advisor, I have gained special insight towards life through my residents and how they have been raised. I recently asked my residents to respond with one word that comes to mind when they hear “education,” “education system,” or “schools.” Their responses sadly did not surprise me. Some responses were positive (ie. opportunities and friends) and others were negative (ie. dress code, lack of funding, and grades). It is sad to know my residents, current first year students at Texas Woman’s University have these thoughts about school. When education comes to mind, thoughts should be related with “creativity, learning, happiness.” I hope to revive the positive thoughts of education into the young minds of students/co-learners. My education future hopefully lies in the 4-8 grades English Language Arts certification area, more specifically 6-8 grades. The reasons why I want to teach range. They range from my love of children, love for learning, and love for being a role model. Teachers play a large role in the lives of children and how the children will grow up in the world around them. I absolutely love watching the light bulb above a child’s head go off especially after constant trial and error. To watch a student understand a specific concept, learn something completely new, and see the absolute joy in their eyes is what inspires me to teach. Middle school years are usually vulnerable years for students and to make a difference in their life would be my ultimate goal. I know my students will teach me new, amazing things each day. In my classroom, I hope to use the many resources technology has to offer to create a creative learning environment. Every day I am reminded why I chose education as my major even through adversity. I am ecstatic for my future as an educator.

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Samantha Tijerina



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